Automattic Themes

I’m currently leading a small squad of designers tasked with elevating and diversifying the design of themes on

We’re working towards this goal by designing themes which embrace a wide range of references β€” both online and offline β€” and by adhering to strict traditional graphic design principles. The themes are meant to be flexible enough to be used for a wide range of users, while opinionated enough to represent that customer’s brand.

Recent Theme Launches

The first launched theme of this set was Seedlet, a simple, typography-driven theme that grew out of a chance discovery of beautiful plant scans in the Smithsonian archives. I led design and development for the theme.

I prepared a video walkthrough of how the theme design came together for

Other recent efforts that came out of my team are Blank Canvas, Videomaker and Quadrat.

Works in Progress

Here’s a selection of additional themes I’ve been designing as part of this effort. These are in various stages of development and iteration.