Hello. I’m a designer at Automattic. I live and work just outside of Boston.


At Automattic, I’m currently focused on contributing full time to the open source WordPress project.

I’m a Pratt Institute alumnus, and have previously worked at MTVRazorfish, and Isobar.

Selected Work

I had the honor of working alongside Allan Cole to lead design, development, and community engagement for the WordPress default theme, Twenty Nineteen.

Another collaboration with Allan Cole. Music was an exploration into creating one of the first themes for WordPress’ block editor.

For most of the past decade, I’ve overseen art and design for Longreads, an award-winning publication and curator of longform journalism and storytelling.

Part of Appalachia + AGI + Automattic, a collaborative art, design, and education project that paired me up with a legendary designer and a high school student in Kentucky.

Design + Exclusion

In 2017, I designed the visual identity for a conference devoted to recognizing and addressing exclusionary practices in design.

Small Projects

Additional projects, experiments, and short-term explorations.



Attn: Illustrators

If you’re interested in illustrating for Longreads, please send a link to your portfolio to kjell@longreads.com & katie@longreads.com