The Graveyard

The following projects are all quite old, but nothing you post on the internet ever truly disappears! ?

These projects were all really meaningful to me at one point or another, and I consider them trail markers on the path of my career. They’re presented here without much context.

(NDA Client), 2013

(NDA Client), 2013

Tory Burch, 2010

Terra, 2009

Bundle, 2009

XM Radio, 2008

MTV, 2007

(I also created the cover for Laguna Beach Season 3. ?)

Personal Website, 2007

(I guess I liked huge text back then too.)

Personal, 2007

This one loosely qualifies as art. I took pictures of my friends’ personal stuff (with their consent) and then showcased it all on a huge screen in Times Square. I called it “Personal Space > Public Place”.