Small Projects

Photocopier WordPress Plugin

I built a little WordPress plugin that mimics the effects of a photocopier. It can also distort graphics a bit if you’d like.

WordCamp US 2019 Identity

More detail is available in the style guide.

A website built as part of Appalachia + AGI + Automattic, a collaborative art, design, and education project that paired me up with a legendary designer and a high school student in Kentucky.

For the project, I put together the site, animated Michael Bierut’s artwork, and took part in interviews and video conferences to teach students about graphic design and remote work. The site contains a post in which I recorded my impressions of the project.

Design + Exclusion Conference

In 2017, I designed the identity for Design and Exclusion, a remote conference focused on making design more inclusive.

I also broadcasted the conference from my laptop, while sitting in an MIT conference room with some friends and excellent colleagues. All content from the conference is archived and available to stream at the conference site.

Design.Blog #17 Cover

An animated cover for Design.Blog, Issue 17. The cover itself has been lost to time, but a (mostly) working version of it is archived on CodePen.

Mentor Everywhere Logo

Logo for a remote mentorship program, through which I’ve also served as a mentor.

WordPress T-Shirt

A simple, tried-and-true typographic layout, available to purchase in the official WordPress swag store. A horizontal version is available in an effort to better suit a range of body types.

Milestones Book Cover

In 2015, I designed the cover for the official book about the origins and history of the WordPress project. True to the spirit of Open Source, the book was written and published entirely on GitHub.